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Complete Guide to the Dark Mode in Books App in iOS 12

Apple’s old iBooks app, transformed into the new Books app, with the release of iOS 12. This overhaul made the app so much better. It now comes with a night mode, so if you want to read horror stories late in the night, then you can do so without stressing your eyes.

However, the dark mode in the app works quite differently.

How to turn off dark mode in the new iOS 12 Books app

The dark mode works alright. However, you can tweak the brightness of the screen lower using the normal light mode, and still get a pleasant reading experience. Therefore, if you have an iPad and want to conserve its battery, then switching to the dark mode may not be ideal.

When you open the Books app, you may find it in the dark mode. At other times, it may be in the light mode. How do you switch from one mode to other? You cannot do it by going to the app’s settings. Well, users cannot manually switch between light and dark modes.

The dark mode in the Books app is entirely automated. If you are somewhere with low lights, then the app changes to the dark mode. If you are someplace with bright lights, then the mode switches to light automatically.

The workaround to change the mode manually is to power on the lightning in the room.

How to adjust the dark mode in Apple Books app while reading

Just open the book you want to read, and let the app switch to dark mode. Now, hit the aA option located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After that, select fonts, font size, views, enable or disable the auto-night theme, change the background color, etc.

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Best 2 Ways to Turn Off Laptop Speaker in Windows 10

Disabling your laptop’s speaker is a very easy job. You even don’t need to tear down the laptop to disable the speaker. Windows 10 provides you with many ways to disable the speaker.

As we all know having a speaker in Laptop’s is how much important for us. But sometimes, a sound which comes from the laptop speakers is irritated and annoying. That time we just think to turn off the speaker.

There are three ways to enable or disable the speaker on a laptop running Windows 10.

  1. Disable the laptop speaker via sound properties.
  2. Disable laptop speakers via Device Manager.

Method-1: Disable Laptop Speaker via Sound Properties

  1. First, right-click on the Volume icon appears on the Start menu.
  2. Then, click on the Sounds option to open the sound dialog window.
  3. Next, in the Playback button, right click on the speaker and then click on the Properties option.
  4. In the General tab, an option which says Device usage appears on your screen.
  5. Then, scroll down the list and choose ‘Don’t use this device option’ to disable the speaker.
  6. Lastly, click on the Apply button.

Note: To again enable the speaker, go to the Playback tab, then, right click on the speaker option and then click on the Enable option.

Method-2: Disable Laptop Speaker via Device Manager

  1. Right click on the start button on the taskbar.
  2. Then, click on the Device Manager option to open the Device Manager window.
  3. Increase Sound, Video and Game Controllers tree only to check your video driver’s entry.
  4. Then, right click on the audio driver entry.
  5. Next, click on the Disable device option.
  6. Now, a confirmation dialog box will appear on your screen, click on the Yes button.

If your speaker didn’t turn off immediately, then we suggest you restart your system.

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Apple reportedly restarts iPhone X Production after weak XS sales

According to a report, Apple has again started the production of the iPhone X due to the weaker than the expected demand for its XS and XS Max models of the company. This move of Apple is supposedly owing to the agreement which is made with Samsung to purchase a definite quantity of the OLED screens. With the passes of this year’s OLED-equipped models are failing to sell in the quantities which are needed to perform the terms of the deal, the recent report suggests that the Apple is turning to the last year’s model for a better solution. Also, when the XS was first released then, the Apple stopped selling the iPhone X in stores.

Though, the iPhone X is thought to be very economical to produce than the XS or XS Max thanks to its age, which means that the manufacturing and components equipment is much cheaper than other iPhone XS, and XS Max. In the earlier days, some legacy models have been produced by the company when the demand for iPhone is enough in certain markets around the world.

However, according to a news report, Apple has decreased the production orders for all the three latest models of iPhone just because of lower than the expected demand by the users of Apple around the world.

Now, this cheaper iPhone XR is particularly thought to be struggling, as all the budget-conscious users will opt it instead for the last year’s iPhone 8 which continues to be available and it’s priced is much lower than this year’s latest budget model. It was a very similar case with the company’s earlier budget attempt, the iPhone 5c, which saw that the sales were picking up the year after its original launch as normal users caught on to its subsistence.

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Android Launcher gets a Digital Health Feature

Recently, Microsoft has announced that the company is adding its own digital feature to its Android launcher app. However, the Google has already added a similar feature to the Android Pie, Microsoft’s Launcher are now allowing the  Android users to access the ability to easily track how long apps are being used for. By using this heath app you can be able to track the screen time, app usage and also even the amount of time you have unlocked your phone. The Microsoft Launcher is supported only on Android 4.2 and above versions, so the Microsoft opened the digital health feature which is available for lots of Android user.

However, the latest 5.1 update to the Microsoft Launcher also includes To-Do and also Sticky Notes integration, which allowing user to sync your tasks and also make some notes from this app. Even Microsoft is now planning to add “Hey Cortana” support only to release some digital assistant from this Android launcher.

Over the past years, Microsoft is consistently updating its new Android Launcher, which can help the entire software giant in embracing Android as the mobile version of Windows. Earlier of this year, Microsoft added in Family-Focused Features, and also support for the Windows 10 Timeline features which allows users to resume the applications and also sites across all the devices. Now, the Microsoft Launcher 5.1 is immediately available as a beta version direct from the Google Play Store and should also be releasing out to all the users around the world in the coming weeks of this year.

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Facebook may soon start commenting on posts on your behalf

Although Facebook has had hard times, especially regarding hacking, data stealing, and other accusations, yet nothing has been able to impede the social media giant from testing new and useful features for its precious customers.


The latest feature spotted on the website got nothing to do with you for now, because Facebook is preparing to comment on your posts by itself, you can say on your behalf. It has been spotted by some users that Facebook is testing a feature wherein it will show an algorithm-based that would just require a tap to be posted.

The technology used here is almost similar to Gmail’s “Smart Play” feature. But what’s new this time? This Facebook commenting feature will have the ability to recognize the type of post it is, and then generate suitable replies for the post accordingly. However, according to The Next Web, this feature is spotted by multiple users on live videos just for now.

So we’ll have to stay calm and see if this may expand further.  As mentioned by a user who posted several screenshots on Twitter, the comments generated as not long and real-sounding, but they are still effective.

This is, however, perceptible on Facebook’s part as this is going to boost the engagement levels on the social media site. All it has to be careful about is – people don’t use it as spam on posts.

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How to Shop Online Safely on this Black Friday

We all know very well that Cyber attacks, data breaches, and hackers are constantly increasing day by day in today’s digital world. Actually, the exact problem starts from the information which you shared with any of the “trusted” organization including banks, or any other social sites and some online retailers related to e-commerce websites, after sharing the information it is not at all in your control, and then you are become the mercy of often outdated IT systems and also well-equipped hackers.

However, the days like Thanksgiving or Black Friday or either Cyber Monday, these days are the gold mine for all the hackers and scammers, as millions of people will gather to shop with the online retailer schemes like Takealot to get the best deals. And due to these schemes, all the people who want to shop on these deals will fill their confidential and personal information without any tension or hesitation into any sites with another “unbeatable” deals.

By keeping in our mind and the fact that no one even wants to miss this Black Friday deals, we are providing you some tips that will be very much useful for you, and it also prevents you from the hackers. In this article, we will be aware you by giving some tip that how to protect yourself and your close ones while transacting online during the day of Black Friday. These below-given tips are the basic guidelines which consider you that some of your personal information has already been breached by someone and how you protect yourself from further damages.

These tips are very much use during the time you shop online or transacting online; it helps you in saving you from hackers. We suggest you follow the tips while you shop online. The tips are described below:

  1. Shop only through the trusted websites.
  2. Always try to avoid websites which contain some poor or corrupt design.
  3. Always try to search for the shopping cart security.
  4. Try to shop with the secure websites.
  5. Be careful about any doubtful requests which are asking you about your Personal Information.
  6. Always choose a different and very strong password, which cannot be guessed by hackers or anyone as.
  7. You need to be very careful while if you shop with your mobile device.
  8. You also need to aware of all social media shopping scams.
  9. Before purchasing the products, check and read the reviews of vendors and products.
  10. Always search for the clear term of services.
  11. If you found any issue related to any website, you need to contact immediately with the customer care department of that website.

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How to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem?

​If anyone has an iPhone, they always use it to take some amazing photos by their iPhone. While for this you always have to take your phone with you. For taking amazing pictures you always need to know that your camera is reliable or not. However, at times iPhones camera doesn’t work as good as it is by their name, which can either be software or hardware related issues which can be occurred due to many other reasons.

Normally, the issue which is often complaining by the iPhone users to the Apple Forum is:

  • Sometimes, the back camera shows nothing but only a black screen.
  • The camera app seems to be very frozen or laggy.
  • Some camera options such as HDR, Camera roll, Flash are always missing from the app.
  • Camera Flash doesn’t sync with the shots.
  • Switching between front and rear cameras freeze the app.

Even it doesn’t matter which iPhone model you use or buy, this camera related issue might be found in any of the iPhone models. If you face one of the problems above, then you don’t need to worry about this. We provide you the best and simple steps by which you can solve the issue related to your camera, and very soon you are again able to make videos, edit them. The steps are discussed below:

Steps to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Problem

If your camera app regularly freezes or if you saw any black screen during the time you uses the camera, then follow the below-given steps in ascending order.

Camera Freezes or Shows Black Screen

Step-1 Place the Issue

If you have found any issue with your iPhone app, the very first thing you need to do is check the issue that whether it is some hardware or software problem.

You need to check once by starting your Facetime, or any other video chatting app and then after do a Video call to any of your friend.

Then, check both the iPhone cameras such as back and front, if they both are working during the time of video call, then you can be happy, as it’s a software issue which can be easily fixed. If in case, you continually see a black screen, then we suggest you don’t waste your time, and immediately contact the Apple support center.

Step -2 Force the Camera App to Close

If your iPhone screen shows any closed lens or might be any black image, then you need first to close your Camera app. For this:

  1. Click on the Home button twice quickly.
  2. Now, a small preview of the recently used app will appear on your iPhone screen.
  3. Search for the Camera app and then swipe up to close it.

Step-3 Reset your iPhone

The easiest way to fix the iPhone camera issue is to reset your iPhone to the default settings for this you need to follow few simple steps:

  1. Go to the settings option.
  2. Then, click on the General
  3. Subsequently, click on the Reset option.
  4. Lastly, tap Reset All Settings option.

Congratulations, it will now turn your iPhone to the default fabric settings. Now, start using the camera app and checked it once whether the camera app is working or not by using this solution. If the problem is solved, then you are very lucky, but if you are still facing the problem then go the next given steps.

Step-4 Restart your iPhone

  1. To restart your iPhone, you need to follow the below given procedure:
  2. Tap on the Home button and Power/sleep button simultaneously.
  3. Then wait for the Apple logo to appear on the iPhone screen.
  4. Press both the buttons at the same time and your iPhone will automatically restart.
  5. Hopefully, your data won’t be affected. Carefully check your Camera app after that.

Step-5 Set Up iPhone As New

Here we explain another method by which you can get the solution of your problem. Some users search out that the Camera app issue is generally caused by an old backup they already restored in their iPhone. If you have similar issues, then try to erase all your iPhone and set it up a new one.

But always remember that it will erase all your data from the iPhone which is already stored including songs, videos, contacts, photos, etc. will remove automatically. If you don’t want to erase your data, then the only option is that make a backup to iCloud.

To reboot your iPhone, you need to follow the simple process:

  1. Click on the settings icon.
  2. Go to the General option, under settings
  3. Next, click on the Reset
  4. Lastly, click on the Erase All Content and Settings option.

Now, the hello screen will appear on your iPhone screen.

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